CEO’s Message

Dear visitors of our website!

Welcome to the official website of Vung Ro Petroleum Co. Ltd. (VRP) – a dynamic fuel-energy company, based in Vietnam.

Oil refining industry is justly considered the core sector of the economy as it directly interacts with all other sectors and furthermore, in many respects it determines the level of industrial development of the country.

Vung Ro Petroleum Company aspires to embrace the most valuable and innovative experiences of the global refining industry and enrich them with the prominent achievements of our business partners and other leading players in oil refining sector. We believe that this fusion of various production cultures will contribute to accomplishing our goals and obtaining the outcomes that will ensure our future success as the best enterprise in oil refining industry in Vietnam and one of the world’s top rated oil refineries.

This is the challenging goal that Vung Ro Petroleum sets to itself when implementing the project. While pursuing our goals we strive not only to reach the high rates of economic efficiency but also to comply with the environmental, health and safety standards alongside with the social responsibility. It is crucial for us that in the region of its business operation VRP is considered as a company, which is aware of the local social and economic problems and making reasonable contribution to solve them. Besides, we place paramount emphasis on such fundamental ethical values as sincerity, honesty, reliability and respect for people. They make an integral part of our corporate culture and good business practice.

Following the principles and values highlighted above, international team of VRP takes a profound interest and enthusiasm in its work on the refinery project implementation. We have no doubt that the successful project launch will promote further growth of the oil refining industry and economic growth of Phu Yen province and prosperity of Vietnam on the whole.

Kindest regards,

CEO & General Director