Objectives & Strategy

Corporate Objectives

To become a world-class oil-refining and oil-trading company and the lead in Vietnam and South East Asian markets;

To be a leading player in the petroleum products retail sale market in Vietnam;

To join the ranks of the most profitable global oil-trading companies through solid financial indicators including return on investments, gross margin, and bill-to-book ratio;

To expand the company to include overseas transport operations by constructing and facilitating a new seaport;

To recognise corporate responsibility for the people and environment of Vietnam by adopting innovative and technologically-advanced social programmes and ecological projects.


Implementation of investment projects in new and potentially attractive markets;

Growth in the capitalisation of the company business;

Strong cooperation between the company, all levels of government and other stakeholders;

Diversification of imported and manufactured petroleum product lines, creation of a flexible and efficient system of distribution, and first-rate customer service to generate an increase in oil product sales in the domestic market;

Adherence to global ecological standards, achievement of high labor safety indicators, and prioritization of social responsibility.