Vung Ro Petroleum Ltd., the Department of Environment & Natural Resources of Phu Yen Province and Dong Hoa District People’s Committee with the Campaign “Clean Up The World”

On September 27, 2014, Vung Ro Petroleum Ltd. in cooperation with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of Phu Yen Province and Dong Hoa District People’s Committee successfully organized an Opening Ceremony for the Campaign “Clean Up The World”.

The Ceremony took place on the Main coastline of Vung Ro Bay, which was recognized as one of the most beautiful natural sceneries in Phu Yen Province. In recent years however, the seaside and seawaters in this area have been contaminated by the impact of the fishery being conducted in the Bay, as well as the inappropriate collection and disposal of residential wastes for the Bay.

As a major investor of the projects located in coastal areas, Vung Ro Petroleum have well acknowledged sustainable benefits from environmental protection during project operations and manufacturing.

“Clean Up The World” Campaign served as the first to go with Vung Ro Petroleum’s activities for environmental protection in Phu Yen Province in general and Vung Ro Area – Dong Hoa District in particular, expressing the company’s commitment and investors’ interests in environmental preservation and protection of the project area.

Actively joint in the Campaign were officials from relevant local Departments in Phu Yen Province and Dong Hoa District, especially the participation of over 400 local people of Hoa Hiep Trung, Hoa Hiep Nam and Hoa Xuan Nam Communes.  The brief launching ceremony made a good end by an interesting traditional folk repertoire with a meaningful message "Protect Natural Environment of Vung Ro Bay Is To Protect Your Living Environment Also”. Upon closing the ceremony, all of local government officials, coastal and border guards, and employees of Vung Ro Petroleum started together for cleaning the sandy stretches along the coastline of Vung Ro Bay.