Bai Goc Seaport

Bai Goc Seaport Concept

Project Overview

The marine facilities Bai Goc Seaport Phase 2 is to include as the below:
1. An SPM for crude oil offloading (vessels ~ 300,000 DWT);
2. A liquid jetty for bitumen, oil products (by various vessel sizes up to 15,000 DWT);
3. A liquid export jetty for oil products, LPG (vessel sizes 20,000 - 70,000 DWT);
4. General cargo berth (for VRP and provincial transshipment; vessels up to 20,000 DWT);
5. Access Trestle to the liquid export jetty;
6. A breakwater for the operation of Bai Goc Seaport Phase 1;
7. Navigation Channel and Turning Area.

Future development concept

In full development, after 2025 Bai Goc seaport shall be developed to serve Vung Ro refinery and petrochemical and Phu Yen economic zone with the following:
• VRP Port facilities to handle around 17.0 million tons/year of liquid petroleum, including refined products (from the refinery) and other oil products (for trading);
• Provincial Port for general cargo and containers with an estimated throughput of 1.7 million tons/year (2025) up to 5.0 million tons/year (2035) to be handled. This provincial port is closely linked with the Economic Zone development in this area;
• A Single Point Mooring (SPM) system to import approximately 8.0 million tons per year of crudes oil.

Phase 3

Further development of the Sea Port will include:
• Construction of a permanent breakwater;
• Adjusting of turning area, access channel;
• Construction of liquid product jetties;
• Construction of a permanent general cargo/container terminal.